What Is Email Spam? Helpful Tips From Semalt On How To Keep Important Emails Out Of The Spam Folder

Email spam, which is called the junk email, is the unsolicited bulk messages or texts send through your email. In fact, spammers use this technique to spread malware and viruses on the internet. Almost all email users face this problem daily because their email IDs were obtained by spambots. They automatically add your email addresses to their lists and keep sending you useless messages. Spammers use these bots for creating email distribution lists in a large number. While the term email spam was first referred to the unwanted emails in the 19th century, it gained widespread recognition in the 20th century when the internet access became common outside of the research and academic circles. Here, Michael Brown, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, has shared some tips on how to keep the important emails out of the Spam folder.

1. Use the Permission Marketing Technique:

The Permission Marketing technique is widely used by big brands and multinational companies. What they do is that they install particular plugins that help prevent their urgent and legitimate emails from going to the Spam folder. In WordPress, there are dozens of similar plugins to get benefited from, but the most amazing and outstanding plugin is the Whitelist plugin. It is easy to install and gets activated instantly.

2. Use the spam checkers before sending or receiving emails:

Before you send or receive an email, you should use special spam checkers, which remain attached to your email IDs and help identify the legitimate and illegitimate emails. SpamAssassin is a great tool to start with. If you want to avoid downloading the software or opening the useless email attachments, you can install this program right now. Alternatively, you can try the IsNotSpam service, which helps check the items important to you and filters out emails that mean nothing to you.

2. Get off the Blacklists:

If the email servers are on the blacklists, it may be difficult and tough for you to send and receive legitimate messages timely. To prevent this problem, you should get off those blacklists as soon as possible. First, you have to check the email blacklists and identify if you are on any of the blacklists or not. Once this is done, you have to follow up with the senders or websites that have added you to their blacklists and convinced them about your legitimacy.

3. Maintain the Good Text-to-Image Ratios:

Ask your senders to maintain the proper text-to-image ratios while crafting and sending you their messages. Do not send lots of images in an email; instead, you should have a perfect combination of text and images. We suggest that for all graphics, you should use JPG images and YouTube videos only and don't rely on other types of stuff.

These three techniques will help you get rid of spam emails. At the same time, you would be able to receive the legitimate messages right in your inbox and would not have to locate them in the Spam folder or Trash folder.